How Can Gaming Connect Different People

As humans, there are many ways to make new friends or interact. When it comes to different people like strangers or new acquaintances, activities like games have been a way to connect since ancient times. Normally, when people need to form connections, the first place they look is their neighborhoods, school or close acquaintances. You exchange information about each other, discuss things you like, disclose mutual interests and in some cases you become friends.


In the digital age, gaming has been instrumental in connecting people. From the era of video games on computer keyboards, the art has advanced gradually to online gaming which connects a more audience and enlarges the range at which people can connect. While some people may allege that gaming is bad for users, the reality is that in this age where people are so absorbed in their devices, gaming might be the only thing left to connect people in that device world. So, how can gaming connect different people?


1. Anyone can game


When it comes to the real sports, only the fittest get to play and connect in the field. Also, only people playing the same sport will be able to connect and get to know each other on the field. However, when it comes to gaming, anyone can play as long as they have access to the gaming machine. This makes it easy for people of a different caliber to connect on the same platform whether they are fit or not, fans or not. For instance, a soccer player can play a game online with someone who has never physically played soccer but enjoys the game.


2. Gaming Creates a Platform to Make new friends


With the age of digital technology, many friendships have been forged on the internet through online gaming. Research shows that many teenagers today have been known to exchange their gamer contacts to strangers and connect on online gaming platforms. Online gaming connects strangers and friends alike. Some people met in an online game and ended up being longtime friends.


3. Online platforms connect people globally


The best thing about gaming, it comes with a variety of design and versions. With the internet, gamers can connect globally on the same platform. For instance, a game like Fortnite or Pokemon Go connects people from diverse areas of the world. With online gaming, it does not matter where one comes from, as long as they can play and they have a player ID, they can connect to the extensive network of gamers and make acquaintance.


4. Video games reduce antisocial behavior


Unlike the popular belief that gaming makes people anti-social, today gaming makes people social. You have to admit, with online gaming, you have more chances of interacting with different people when gaming than in actual sense or physically. If you were to approach someone in the streets and start a conversation, chances are it might not be so easy and this is what results in antisocial behavior. However, with gaming, even the most silent people in the streets can connect with the most talkative in the streets. There is no gaming for introverts and gaming for extroverts; anyone can play. Read our next article on Windows 7 tips and tricks for users.